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AirTronics LLC A/C Repair Services Altamonte Springs

Air Conditioning Systems Services for Altamonte Springs, Florida

  • Installation of A/C units
  • Service and repair a wide variety of A/C units to ensure their productivity and energy efficiency.
  • Optimization of existing units and referrals to newer eco-friendly / cost efficient units if replacement is necessary.

Ductworx / Indoor Air Purification for Altamonte Springs, Florida

  • This is also an Eco quest product it cleans the air in your whole house through the A/C system for indoor quality air.
  • Save big all year round with the safe, energy efficient Safehearth. The Safehearth is perfect for Winter, or for those cool Spring nights when you want to keep a room warm without heating the whole house.
  • Built with the Ceramikor Plate, Safehearth just doesn’t know how to overheat. It shuts itself down if tipped over, and won’t produce fumes or carbon monoxide.
  • You get clean, even heat that fills the room, efficiently and effectively, while saving up to 40% on your heating bill.
  • Every Safehearth includes our exclusive germ-killing ActivePure technology to help reduce your exposure to germs during the cold and flu season.

Duct Repair Services for Altamonte Springs, Florida

  • Inspection of existing ducts to ensure there are no breaches that leak air where they don’t belong costing you money!
  • In tact ducts work much more effectively so ensure that you are not over using your A/C and heater keeping your energy bill down.

Mold Testing on the Duct System for Altamonte Springs, Florida

  • We conduct mold testing on the duct system of your home to see if you have a sick house.
  • We go in and do a test on the 5 areas of the duct work and A/C system the test samples are sent to a lab.
  • Reports are issued to the homeowner from the lab stating what bacteria/mold problems were found and what should be done to correct the problem.
  • This is a vital service we conduct for the health and welfare of your family as molds and bacteria’s produced by older air systems are a serious hazard which can easily go unseen!

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